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Rock N Roll Machine

MATFAB ENGINEERING Introduces RNR series of Rock N Roll Machines for producing rotomolding products. With these machines plastic water tanks from 300 Ltr up to 25,000 Ltr can be produce easily. Also Septic tanks, Odd shaped plastic products and many other non uniform and non standard plastic products can be moulded.

Matfab Engineering Rock N Roll machine includes simplified operating system & user friendly interface to operate, anyone can operate the functions of the machine, Vary law maintenance and high quality production.

Benefits of Matfab Engineering Rock n Roll Machines:

  • Basic structure made of rigid structural steel.
  • Very solid tripodal support for supporting the machine as well as mould.
  • Truely engineered to overcome any vibratations during the running operation.
  • Low capital investment and higher production range.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Semi skilled operator can also operate the machine very effectively.
  • Highly efficient, Low pressure oil/gas fired burners.
  • Fuel conjunction can be reducing by gas fired burners.
  • Burners can be changed from oil fired to gas fired easily.
  • Easy access to the burners and system during operation.
  • Less maintains.
  • Very less rejection of the product almost 0%.
  • Dully power coated sheet steel made operating control panel for ease of operation.
  • A/C Drive for archiving speed variations for both rolling and rocking.
  • Forward and reverse actions of the motors are possible.
  • PLC controlling is optional.