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Single Arm Bi Axial Machine

MATFAB ENGINEERING offers state of art bi axial Single arm machines, an ideal solution to achieve reasonably high volume of production with lower capital investment. Sturdy and rigid steel structure with high efficiency output and less maintenance at lower production and labour cost are its principal features like three arm bi axle machines.

Benefits of Matfab Engineering Single Arm Bi Axial:

  • Capacity Two tanks of 2000 Liter maximum, or Four tanks of 1000 Liter maximun.
  • Typical Cycle Time 80 Min. ( 35 Min heating, 30 Min cooling, 15 Min Loading & Unloading )
  • Fully Automatic Italian Burner, Diesel or LPG or Natural Gas uel Consumption Cycle 8.5 Liter Diesel or 7.2 Kg of LPG Electric Load 10.0 H.P.
  • Process Temperature 210 oC.
  • Production in 24 Hrs 32 tanks of 2000 Lit. or 64 tanks of 1000
  • L 6.3 Mtr x W 4.1 Mtr x H 5.0 Mtr